" We had a two day tour guided by Peter.

               He is an experienced and knowledgable tour guide which is a great help for us. We enjoyed the time on

               Kangaroo Island   with him together.

               Many Thanks to Peter."

               2 Day Kangaroo Island Tour

               Lin, Haixia & Family

               Beijing, China

               December 2016

             " Very Interesting  and knowledgable tour guide. We both enjoyed our few days and feel we now know and

                appreciate the Flinders Ranges.

               Many thanks Peter for a great tour."


               3 Day Flinders Ranges Tour

               Wendy & Albert

               London, England

               October, 2016

             "Very enjoyable 7 day tour to Coober Pedy. Many Highlights, comprehensive and very informative commentary

               by Peter.

               Peter was very knowledgable on many topics and greatly assisted to set a much better understanding of

               geology, plants, animals and townships.

               A good group, good weather and overall a very enjoyable tour trip."

               7 Day Flinders Ranges, Lake Eyre & Coober Pedy


               Sydney, Australia

               October, 2016

            " Peter, ......what can we say!

              This has been an absolutely marvellous week. The outback exceeded our expectations and your  planned

              itinerary was exceptional.

              Your company and extensive knowledge of such a vast range of subjects just added perfectly to what has been

              a most memorable week."

              6 Day Flinders Ranges, Lake Eyre & Coober Pedy

              Margaret & Don

              Wollongong, NSW

              Seotember 2016

             " Old mate! Had a good time travelling across a little corner of the outback. Nice to hear the story of the land from

                you as we made our way across the alien landscape of the desert.

               Was good chating with you over dinner and drinks.

               You've inspired me to spend more time out there.

               Thank's again.

              7 Day Flinders Ranges, lake Eyre & Coober Pedy Tour


              Melbourne, Victoria

              July, 2016

            "Thank you so much for a very enjoyabl trip. You have brought the outback to life for us through your extensive

              knowledge of the earth, geology, indigenous and early settler history. We very much appreciated the conversations

              over lunch in the lovely outdoor settings and at the end of the long days over dinner. I, in particular was very grateful

              for your skill in avoiding all thye roo's at dusk. A great guide! A great trip!"

              7 Day Flinders Ranges, lake Eyre & Coober Pedy

              Anna, Richard, Alex & Cass

              Melbourne, Victoria

             July 2016

             "What a great trip, loved every minute of it.

              We all learnt so much about your lovely country

              Great host, great cook, what else could you say."


               "Peter you were so informative and we have learnt so much. The swags were a great experience and a neat way

               to appreciate the outback. Thank you.

               Hopefully we will see you again."

               6 Day Flinders Ranges, Lake Eyre & Coober Pedy

               Marilyn, Robyn & Graham

               Waipukurau, New Zealand

               April, 2016


              " Great trip, All positives, no negatives. Peter's knowledge and experience made for a very informative trip.

                 Most enjoyable and will keep many memories of the out back tour."

                 Thank Peter

                 6 Day Flinders Ranges, Lake Eyre & Coober Pedy



                 April, 2016

               " 9 Days to Kangaroo Island then to Flinders Ranges, lake Eyre and Coober Pedy.

                 It was a great trip to experience the outback by sleeping under the stars and going tracks most tours would avoid.

                 Thank's Peter for being a knowledgable guide and good cook. Also thanks for your patience with my picture taking."

                9 Day Kangaroo Island, Flinders Ranges, lake Eyre * Coober Pedy

                Bette & Ron

                Minnesota, USA

                February 2016

            "What a big adventure and so much to learn about this blessed country. it was wonderful and thank you Peter

            for sharing your knowledge and looking after me these great 6 days."


                   6 Day Flinders Ranges & Lake Eyre Tour


                   Sydney, Australia

                   April, 2015

             " Wow! What an awesome country we have. We couldn't have picked a bettert time to visit. Our thanks go to Peter

               for the wonderful time we had. So much knowledge and off the beaten track to places we would have missed."


                    6 Day Flinders Ranges & Lake Eyre Tour

                    Dave & Heather

                    Perth, Australia

                    April, 2015

              "Absolutely top class tour. Peter has all the information about everything. Loved the the day and would recommend

               this tour. We were extremely well looked after."

                     Barossa Valley Day Tour

                     Kevin & Maryann

                     Sydney, Australia

                     January, 2015

              " Peter is a top guide. He kept our brain alert despite the very hot temperature. We had a wonderful 4 days in the

                stunning region of the Flinders Ranges. Peter is an expert in cooking, driving, spotting animals, explaining and

                organising. We didn't know anything about the Outback and now we know a lot.

                Thank you very much."

                    4 Day Flinders Ranges Tour

                     Michel & Jacqueline

                     Geneva, Switzerland

                     January, 2015

              "We didn't have any idea what we will live in these 4 days and we are simply enchanted.

               First with our driver-chef, geologist, biologist, joker and bon vivant.

               We enjoyed those famous morning teas, delicious lunches, all these explanations, history and funny stories. After

               we have been astounded with all these beautiful landscapes, vegetation and most of all we have been fond of

               seeing all these animals, above all live kangaroos in their natural habitat.

               It was a great experience and we will recommend "Swagabout" to our friends.

                    4 Day Flinders Ranges Tour

                     Myriam & Richard

                     Geneva, Switzerland

                     January, 2015


              "After a random find on Google this day has proved to be 1st class. Well worth the early rise. A good balance of

               history, local knowledge and wonderful selection of wineries.

               We will be back."

                    Clare Valley Day Tour

                    Chris & Lisa

                    Jill & Will

                    September, 2014

               " We have had a wonderful five days. Peter's cooking, knowledge and company made it a great experience.

                Highly recommended!!

                    5 Day Flinders Ranges Tour

                    Peter & Vicki Briggs

                    London, UK

                    September, 2014

               "Peter  was the best guide we ever had. Some driver, very friendly, your knowledge of nature, animals, plants,

               geology is amazing.

Thanks for a great tour."

      Barbara & Hans


      January, 2013


"Fantastic 3 day on KI. Thank you very much Peter. Very enjoyable trip and very friendly and enjoyable company. As Sues's father recommended KI to us we will definitely recommend Swagabout Tours to our friends who are coming over to Australia.

Thanks so much for a brilliant 3 days on Kangaroo Island. We have thoroughly enjoyed it - a beautiful Island. Your knowledge of everything is amazing!"

      Sue & Maurice

      Worthing, England

      December, 2012


"Best most brilliant 5 days. Every minute has been fun. Great locations stuck in my memory forever. Truly hope to come back soon. Your cooking is lovely.

Cheers heaps for an awesome holiday."

      Sammy & Lucas

      Western Australia

      November, 2012


"Thank you very much for such a fantastic trip around South Australia. Your wealth of knowledge is astounding. I cannot express enough how much I have enjoyed this trip and I have to admit your company has made it all the more worthwhile.

Thanks again for such a brilliant trip around this beautiful & diverse countryside."


      Western Australia

      November, 2012


"Thanks Peter, Fay and I are no longer ignorant of the tourist attractions of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Actually we are now fierce advocates for this region.

Hopefully you will be able to show us other parts in the future."

       Fay & Colin

       Melbourne, Victoria

       October, 2012


"Peter has been a great host and has gone out of his way to show us as much as was possible during our 3 days in the Flinders Ranges.

We would recommend his Swagaboiut Tours to anybody who is going to holiday in Australia."

       Sue & John


       October, 2012


"We met by accident, but  it ended up being a wonderful accident ! The trip to the Flinders has been remarkable, an unforgettable experience for us. The breath taking landscapes, the smooth driving and the excellent logistics (big thanks to the Billy for lovely morning teas). Above all, we have greatly benefited from your vast knowledge and expertise. We have learnt a lot from your always thorough and detailed explanations. For Lia, having kangaroos around was something very special, for me the 560 million year old fossils has been a terrific experience.

All in all we had an unforgettable experience. As we told you a trip to the Flinders was a dream that we had to postpone for years. We are delighted we finally made it, it has been worth the wait.

Thank you very much for making this trip so special. We will certainly contact you next time if we plan another trip to beautiful Australia, which we will.

All the best and see you soon."

        Yolanda & Lia


       October, 2012


"Peter, you are a mine of information from 'pug & pine' house building techniques to rocks, birds and bush tucker berries.

We saw so much that the self drive tourist would miss (esp the great cafe with quandong pies - yum) Travelling without an expert guide is like watching TV with the sound off.

Many thanks for a fantastic 5 days."


        Muswell Hill, UK

        September 2012


"Thank you Peter for a fabulous 9 days. We had a great time, learned a lot (esp rocks) and saw things we never knew existed. We appreciated your consideration when we were a bit slow & your encouragement to get to some of the more demanding places. We couldn't have had a better guide, host & chauffeur."

        Robyn & Deidre

        ACT & NSW

        September, 2012


"A very personalised trip with Peter drawing on his wide ranging knowledge of the whole of SA area - geology, history, flora, fauna, local landmarks & mining to constantly inform and illuminate what we were seeing.

Great camping spots with camp fires, yummy food & billy t4ea. Not to leave out the cosy swags and gourmet picnic lunches.

All the organising done for us, including super flight over Lake Eyre and visits to pertinent museums, historical ruins and townships. Gave us a superb look through a significant swathe of the SA inland."

         David & Jill


         July, 2012


"Thanks so much for giving us an authentic taste of outback SA. I appreciate the vastness of this area as never before. Your detailed knowledge of the geology and history made the whole experience come alive for us and i now have a much better sense of the interplay of climate, soil, water and vegetation. You'd make a great school teacher! For us the highlights were the flight over Lake Eyre and the Flinders Ranges. The contrast between the tidy cafes and tourist towns north of Adelaide and the outback towns of Marree, Roxby Downs and Woomera was also an eye-opener. It makes us realize what city creatures we are but it's also made us think about the resilience and self sufficiency that outback people possess. It has been a fantastic experience.

Thanks very much for putting together such a great trip."

          Moira & Gordon

          Hobart, Tasmania

          June, 2012


"I'm really glad to have called you to get on this tour. Swagabout through the Flinders was great and will remain a special memory for me. You managed everything great from cooking, getting organized, lectures on geology, landscape, plants and animals up to finding the perfect spots. I felt really comfortable and enjoyed camping with you very much. Hope to see you on another tour in the years to come."



        March, 2012


"Our thanks to Peter & Swagabout Tours for and amazing 7 days through the Flinders Ranges to Lake Eyre and back. The knowledge and experience shared and all the successful details of planning made this a very memorable trip through our sunburnt land with all the mysteries of its ancient and recent past."

       Anne & David


       May, 2011


"Thanks so much for a wonderful 6 days travelling the Flinders Ranges and Outback.

Your wealth of knowledge is remarkable. Your simple explanations have improved my geological knowledge. I have loved learning more about the early history of SA and visiting many historic sites. What started as a visit to Lake Eyre became so much more. I'm sure we will be back to see  some more of SA..

Many Thanks."

       Lyn & Peter


       May, 2011


" Thank you very much Peter for a splendid tour of the Flinders Ranges. It's a privilege to be out there with someone who knows so much about the place and evidently loves it !

Will definitley be recommending you to anyone else who's coming to these parts."

         Oliver, Lucinda & Gus

         Hong Kong

         April, 2011


"What a great time you've given us, Swagabout Pete

Lots of info and laughs and plenty to eat

Your knowledge of mining, the outback and history too

Gave us 6 days of a wonderful overview

What with Quandong Pies and a Lake Eyre Flight

And a rather short climd to an aboriginal site

You even obliged Rod with his daily coffee fix

By finding expresso places out in the 'sticks'

Coober Pedy, Talc Alf and the Breakaways too

We both learned more than a thing or two

So Pete thanks for the great trip that we've had

To recommend your tours we''ll really be glad"

           Mary & Rod


           April, 2011


“ Liked very much the low key approach. Liked the commentary mix of heritage, geology and history. ” Choice of wineries well thought out."

Ian & Vicki - Tasmania

Brenda - USA

              March, 2011


Thank you Peter for a wonderful trip to Lake Eyre. really well organised, good accommodation and you are so knowledgable. Much appreciated."

           Ian & Lyn


           February, 2011


“ Thank you very much Peter for a fantastic and very informative day. We couldn't have had a better time and loved each place we visited. We will certainly do another tour with you when we come back. ”

Stacy & Niels
Melbourne, Australia
January, 2011


“ Thank you very much for this trip. You are a very good guide and your food it was perfect.

This trip was very wonderful. I hope to return”

Chritiane & Serge
December, 2010


" Thanks for sustaining and entertaining us for the last 4 days! Thanks for the SA Tourist Bureau for casting us into your network. Anticipation and fulfillment put our trip into perspective. Lake Eyre was to be the highlight but the enlightenment of geology, history, heartbreak and successes gave a new meaning to the GFC. For us it was nothing compared to the frustrations faced by those early settlers. "

Paul & Sandra
November, 2010


“Heh Peter,

Your a great ambassador for this country you obviously care about so deeply. What's not to love about the countless miles of ever changing, unspoilt landscape, Lake Eyre in flood, the majestic Breakaways, even your unique Cornflake Cookies. Thank you for looking after and feeding us so well and imparting such a great general knowledge of your backyard . A very memorable trip. "

Anita & John
Sydney, NSW

November, 2010


“ Thank you a wonderful tour. I really enjoyed seeing this part of Australia. Have enjoyed your commentary about the history, the culture, plants and animals . Alos your friendship inthe evening and at meal times. Also for going that extra mile”

Phil & Marie.
Brisbane, Qld
october, 2010


“ Thank you for making our Lake Eyre outback experience so unforgettable, informative and interesting. We have found your knowledge and commentary a real bonus and very enlightening. You have been a thoughtful and wonderful host. "

Sandra & Geoff
Perth, WA
October, 2010


“ Excellent customised tour. Local knowledge of Lake Eyre and tour route first class. Great trip, great host. ”

Allen & Paul
Dardunup, WA
October , 2010


“ We have a wonderful trip with Peter as a guide regarding cultural and social views. ”

Minh & Phuong
October, 2010


“ What a wonderful tour, thank you for sharing the experience with us all. we have no hesitation in joining another trip in the future, also recommending these tours with our friends in Queensland. .”

Maureen & Keith
September, 2010


“ Thank you for an excellent trip filled with fun and laughter. Your relaxed approach has been shared by all the group. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of outback South Australia with us. Highlight of our trip was the flight over Lake Eyre and Copper Creek, then driving down the Birdsville Track to the Cooper Creek seeing the bird life. Can't forget the Quandong Pie, was delicious. "

Dave & Mell
Kalamunda, WA
September, 2010


“ We had just three days with you but we have learnt a lot about the country we have travelled which has deepened our appreciation of its ancient beauty. Thank you so much for  the lovely picnics, sightseeing - Hawker, Marree, William Creek, Coober Pedy, Woomera and Clare. Te mound springs and the underground dug-outs & mines were terrific but the highlight for us would have to be th dawn departure for Marree & our light plane flight over the beautiful waters of Lake Eyre - north and south and the Cooper Creek and Warburton River. Magnificent ! What a great way to re-connect with outback South Australia.

Thank you so much for a wonderful 3 days. ”

Penny, Sally & Iris
Aldgate, SA & UK
August, 2010


“ Thank you for our  taste of the beautiful Clare Valley. Your customised tour suited us perfectly. Just the right mix of wine, history, landscape, socio-economics  and good tales. We hope to come back and take advantage of all you've revealed to us that is there to be enjoyed in depth. We appreciated your patience and good humour. We hope to do it again sometime. "

Di & Tom
August, 2010


“ What to say except that we have had 5 fantastic days. Everyday we saw surprising and magnificent landscapes. What a diversity in SA. The tour fulfilled our expectations and we are already talking of coming back to the Flinders and seeing more of them. Logistics were perfect. We truly enjoyed the "Swagging" as well as the food which was great. We should not forget all the explanations and knowledge you gave us making the entire tour a memorable experience. "

Colette & Emmanuel
Sydney, NSW
August, 2010


“ Thanks for our first trip in Australia. The time is running too fast. we have learnt a lot of things about the Flinders Ranges and Australia and the landscape was magnificent. Thanks for all the comfort and your food, it was perfect. ”

Louise & Frederic
July, 2010


“ What a wonderous trip that far exceeded our wildest expectations. Thank you Peter for being so caring and for your professionalism and for sharing your vast knowledge of geology, mineralogy, landforms, flora and fauna, local customs and lots more. We will miss you. "

Jill & Bruce
May, 2010


"Kangaroo Island and the Flinders Ranges. 11 days and 3000 kms later we have seen, learnt and experienced so much and enjoyed every minute of the trip. Thank you and thank you for your never ending fund of information. It was a lucky day when we found Swagabout Tours. '

Honor & John


May 2010