Born in 1956
He grew up in the sticks,
A quiet country lad,
Who never did anything bad!
(Well hardly anything)

Lucky to be alive,
He did actually survive,
When his bike, while he was on it,
Hit a car bonnet.

As a cool North Shields kid,
In the thick hedge he hid,
Smoking cigarettes with his brother,
While hiding from their mother

He started business early,
With a fishing line and some burly,
Up the jetty to catch some squid,
In the hope of making a quid.

He liked to help his mum,
So when his school day was done,
He’d go home and cook the tea,
How lucky his mum could be.

He met Connie at High School,
But like an absolute fool,
He let her escape,
And marry another date.

He left home and went to Adelaide,
With his geologist pick and spade,
To start his first job,
‘Cos he had to earn a bob.

Living in St Peters, life was hearty,
Really just like one big party,
It was domestic bliss,
With Michelle, Max and Chris.

After just a few years apart,
He finally decided to follow his heart,
And went off and rediscovered Connie,
His high school sweetheart- oh so bonny

Being a dad was such fun,
He decided to have another one,
He did what one had to do,
And out popped Damien, number two!

Still not happy to let it be,
He went to make number three,
This one was Alex – another boy,
They‘ve all become his pride and joy.

Now just a little over the hill,
He is still there for the kill,
Making the most of his life,
With family, friends and wife.

Tour operator extraordinaire,
He does it with such amazing flare,
In his snazzy blue Delica bus,
He really impresses us.

He’ll take you anywhere you please,
Always with the utmost ease,
His tours are so incredibly great,
Pete always ends up being your mate.

With swag, wine and great meals,
It’s the best life on wheels!
Lots of stories, jokes and laughs,
Nothing is ever done by halves.

What on earth will happen from here,
None of us really have any idea,
But he wishes you all the best,
And sure hope you enjoy the rest.

Happy travelling with Peter and Swagabout Tours